Stonewall Was A Riot

Posted: June 25, 2009 by bee listy in general

Stonewall Was A Riot:

Dyke March Remembers the Real Beginnings of Pride 40 Years Ago

What: The annual Dyke March, led by the Twin Cities Avengers, is one of over 25 marches around the world creating space for queer expression and solidarity concurrent with the more mainstream Twin Cities Pride March. This year’s Twin Cities Dyke March theme, Stonewall Was A Riot, recalls the anti-classist, anti-racist, anti-police violence, and anti-genderist roots of the queer movements begun at the Stonewall Bar in New York City 40 years ago. More information can be found at

Where: The Dyke March will begin at 7pm in front of the Walker Art Center, 1750 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403. We will circumnavigate Loring Park.

When: 7pm to 9pm, Saturday June 27th.

Who: The Twin Cities Avengers invites all dykes, queers, transfolks, homos, butches, femmes, cross dressers, heterosexuals, and all the people who love them or can relate to them, to participate in the march. Over 100 attendees are expected.

Why: “We are facilitating the Dyke March because a community space beyond the mainstream Pride Festival – which trends toward valuing the social norms of consumption, middle-class, whiteness, conforming to gender roles, and nuclear family structures – is needed,” say Twin Cities Avengers. “The march is a space for building community and making connections with people we might not otherwise meet.” The Dyke Marches began nationwide fifteen years ago in order to bring more visibility to women within the queer movements. Over time, the Twin Cities Avengers have expanded this mission to include ending all forms of oppression.

The Twin Cities Avengers is an all-inclusive queer direct action group committed to dismantling all forms of oppression.


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