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Reconsider Columbus Day

Posted: October 11, 2010 by tcdylan in general

Happy National Coming Out Day! Keep on being your radical awesome selves!
Today is also being nationally recognized as Columbus Day. I would encourage you to instead check out Reconsider Columbus Day’s website. Reconsider Columbus Day is a project aimed at creating a national holiday to honor the millions of Indigenous people that were decimated after the arrival of Columbus and other colonizers.

From their website:
“Why Reconsider Columbus Day?
This is not just about history. This is still a relevant issue today.

By honoring Columbus with a federal holiday, our government continues to vehemently insult Native Americans and perpetuates a philosophy of racism and domination.

So please….

Please speak up, take a stand, and help eradicate Columbus’ name from the federal calendar.

Take time to honor the people who were really here first by petitioning for a nationally recognized Indigenous holiday.”