one of our main projects is the unbash map.  you can visit the map and click on the pointers to read the submitted stories about gendered violence and harassment that have happened in the twin cities.

Share what has happened to You using this form.

  1. alicewhitemn says:

    I found an interesting disscussion thread on the HollaBack VA facebook page:

    How Much Is Too Much?

    Although there are a lot of creepers out there, I think most people don’t mean to be a disturbance. For some, it is just unclear where the line is between flirting and harassing.

    Flirting–Flirtation is a common and rather healthy way to build self confidence by behaving in a playfully alluring way and/or complimenting a person of interest. When flirting with someone you don’t know very well or at all, it is best to keep flirtation Rated-G. Acceptable: complimenting facial features, clothing/accessories, etc. Not acceptable: commenting on figure, private parts, sexual acts, or persistently attempting to converse when the other expresses body or verbal language of disinterest.

    Sexually Harassing—Harassment may seem like a harsh word for going overboard with flirting, but, depending on the person and the setting, it can make people feel extremely uncomfortable and nervous about their level of safety. Harassment has various forms and intensities including: unwanted jokes, gestures, or comments (sexual in nature); unwanted touching; repeated requests for dates or intimacy; sending unwanted texts, emails, and such of sexual nature; displaying sexually suggestive pictures, posters, or objects; performing unwanted or unsolicited sexual acts on a person.

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